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Our kittens leave home not earlier than 3 months old. Kittens have all necessary injections and documents.
All peets are used scratcher and toilet.
The kitten not for breeding, will move to live in the new house already
castrated, sterilized.

Litter "V"
DoB: 24.05.2011
Father: IC Enissei Osidordups SPH n 03 33
Mother: LV*Otomi Iriska SPH f 01 21
Parents - HCM negative


LV * Otomi Veniamin
SPH e (03?) 33 
(for sale)



LV*Otomi Vasilisa 
SPH g 03 21
(for sale)



LV*Otomi Vanille
SPH a 01
(for sale)


LV*Otomi Veronika
SPH n 09 21 33



LV*Otomi Viktoria
SPH n 03 21 33
(stay in cattery)